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    how to use 2 switches and keppe motor with 4 pulses


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    how to use 2 switches and keppe motor with 4 pulses Empty how to use 2 switches and keppe motor with 4 pulses

    Post  vololibero on Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:24 pm

    hi to everyone
    thanks for your information to keppe motor team
    i bought your kit months ago and i made some experiments with replacing the magnet with one stronger and little bigger with good results about the return current and torque but with less rpm..i'm testing ..

    As i'm doing a replication in bigger size in order to drive a dynamo (i think better to use in this application a motor asyncrono polyphase in reverse mode,it has more efficiency in low rpm to generate 220va current, maybe one of 1100w at 860rpm or smaller or to use a PMA alternator. (modified car alternator replacing the original rotor with neodynium magnets.. )
    i'd like to know some advice to replication a bigger keppe motor

    i have built a pvc rotor to stack with 12 row of magnets, each row has 4 magnets aside type N42), (with north poles faced in a semicircle at top and south poles faced in the other semicircle of rotor), the rotor is long about 170mm, with diameter of 120mm, total nr.48 magnets of 40mm x 20mm x 10mm, shaft of 12mm diameter 316L steel non magnetic

    Can you tell me how to connect 2 reed switches one for each coils?? in a skept or in a simple wiev please?
    let me understand how to connect 2 switches in this way

    Is it possible to let it works with 4 pulses?? how?

    An advice about size of wire ? i think to use a 7 filar wire to wound coils. i know that working in voltage is better..

    And then if you know a way to charge meanwhile the other pole of a rechargable lead battery like source or to use a rechargable lead battery like source and another battery as a load with a description in a scheme..

    i am not so good practice with electronics stuff but my friend can help me to do it.

    many thanks

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    how to use 2 switches and keppe motor with 4 pulses Empty Some pics

    Post  lezaray1 on Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:08 am

    Some pictures of what you have done will be appreciated and may be helpful in guidance and some recommandations, if any.

    Thank you. 


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