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    oscar d whitehead

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    Post  oscar d whitehead on Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:24 pm

    there is a on-line schematic for a opti switch, it is listed as free energy circuit. digi-key has the parts for this pretty cheap. the parts are a led p/n 897-1069-1-nd a photo-transistor p/n 160-1985-nd and a mosfet n-channel p/n irf640pbf-nd. use a 10k ohm resistor in series with the led,use a 5600 ohm resistor in series with the photo-transistor and bias the mosfet with a 1m ohm resistor. the mosfet gate is sentive to voltage and will short the junction and be none operiatable. good idea have more than one mosfet. if you are careful and hook up the photo-transistor first you would not have this problem. the drain and source are not sentive and high voltage radient do not short them. you can get a small alunium channel at most hardwire stores,drill a hole .196 for 5 mm led,sleeve the led and the photo-transistor. you can use thin cardboard to make a shutter,cut it with sissors and set it for your 120 degrees,use spray paint and it will last for a very long time. this switch works good and has no wearing parts.

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    Thanks for sharing this information.

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