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    Adding a light to your Keppe Motor

    Ângela Stein

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    Adding a light to your Keppe Motor

    Post  Ângela Stein on Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:52 am

    Hey guys, I work here in Brazil with the Keppe Motor team, and I'm
    gonna show you here how to add a light to your Keppe Motor.

    You will need:

    > 1 neon light bulb, 90 volts
    > 2 alligator clips

    First Step:

    Take the two alligator clips and the neon light bulb and your
    Keppe Motor.

    Second Step:

    Connect the terminals of the light bulb to the terminals of the reed switch
    as shown in the sequence of pictures below. Your Keppe Motor is ready
    for demonstration.

    (See the 3 pictures bellow)

    Demonstration of the Working Principle Behind the Keppe Motor

    The Keppe Motor works with the back energy derived from the switching
    off of the magnetic reed switch and corresponds to the complementation
    force predicted by Keppe in his works on the disinversion of
    the Metaphysics of Physics.
    To find out experimentally about this back energy, we can connect a
    small 90V neon lamp to the ends of the reed switch. The rated voltage
    of this lamp indicates that it only lights on when the voltage between its
    ends reaches 90V.
    When the switch is on, the battery supplies energy to the circuit and the
    voltage between the terminals of the coil is 9V. This tension is not enough to
    light on the lamp. However, at the precise moment when the magnetic switch
    is turned off, there is a reverse voltage peak caused by the collapse of
    the magnetic field built in the coil. Some of these back peaks exceed twenty
    times the voltage of the battery, i.e., they can get to about 200V. Although
    the time intervals of these peaks last only a few microseconds, this voltage
    is enough to light on the lamp without burning it.
    The two following pictures show this sequence of closing and opening
    of the battery circuit and the response of the lamp to these actions.
    The following picture shows the Demonstrative Keppe Motor functioning
    while the magnetic switch is on and the 9V battery is feeding the
    Keppe Motor circuit. Note that the lamp remains off with this voltage.

    The next picture shows the precise moment when the magnetic switch
    is turned off and the collapse of the magnetic field inside the coil takes
    place. Curiously, this back energy, which is completely undesirable for the
    conventional technology of motors, constitutes the working principle of the
    Keppe Motor.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Adding a light to your Keppe Motor

    Post  parasonikas on Wed May 29, 2013 2:52 am

    Great clips. I personaly am involved in oversized cargo transport so it's in the area of my interest.

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