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    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 20, 2009 2:10 pm

    There is a big difference between the Newman Motor, Bedini Motor and the Keppe Motor. Starting with the Newman Motor, actually it is not that one you see normally on the Internet with few coil windings, because it was conceived to have a lot of windings, a lot of turns, thousands and thousands of turns, sometimes coil lengths with miles of wire. And this is because Newman believes the strength of the magnetic field comes from the gyroscopic particles within the matter of the coil. Therefore, the high efficiency of the Newman motor depends on the number of turns you make the coil. The result is that Newman motors weigh tons and are not practical for domestic appliances. A quick search on the internet (Wikipedia) reveals that the Newman motor is not an overunity machine, as the inventor claimed in the 80’s.
    J. L. Naudin’s tests carried out with a 20Km long coil Newman machine showing overunity results between 105 and 134% efficiency are not conclusive once mechanical measurements within very low output power range (about miliwatts) requires high precision apparatus and the pony-brake method used by him is not suitable for this. The major difference of the Keppe Motor is that we wind the coils to work like an antenna, i.e., to capture energy from space and not from the coil - the first difference. Second, the purpose of the KM’s switching circuit is to achieve resonance because we believe the energy comes from outside the coil. Newman uses pulses to provoke sparks because he believes the spikes of the sparks are responsible for the high efficiency of the motor. We don’t believe that.
    In the case of Bedini’s window motor the difference is even greater. It is not designed to deliver useful torque. The spinning of the rotor, together with his SSG circuit – which characterizes Bedini’s inventions, is intended to create pulses to recharge batteries, not to generate torque. In addition, Bedini’s SSG circuit is not appropriate for the KM, which resembles more a permanent magnet conventional motor than a “free energy” device and has a special pulse circuit developed only for it. For more information about these differences refer to the Keppe Motor Forum, FAQ section.

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    Post  juriz on Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:21 am

    There is one more difference than in geometry - Keppe Motor uses both pols of magnet, Bedini motor uses only one pole.

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    Geometry and effect Empty Geometry and effect

    Post  kurtnorway on Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:35 pm

    Have ben playing around wiht Bedini stuff for some time, which goal is to capture the energy in the colapsing emf after puls switching off, and it is doing just that werry well. However, the Bedini motors, or Newman motors for that mather, is produsing low torque to input power, whith Keppe motor, it seams not be the case alltough allso being a puls motor.

    I think the answer is to be found in the geometry of the rotor and the magnets.
    If you study the window motor of bedini or the newman motor, you will notice that the magnets, or the flux of the magnets, is allways aranged whit the poles further away than the width of the magnets, while the Keppe motor has a flat pole structure, the poles are closer than the whidth. Magnets arranged whith poles in a flat structure, have a better alignment withe the coil flux when coils are winded in a window, newman or Keppe coil arangement. This gives better torque I think.

    Would be greate if the Keppe motor admin would be so kind to give a feedback on this one.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work folks and continue to investigate in alternative energy, there is allot to be discovered.

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